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Using the Which Test system

Welcome to WhichTest, an online tool designed to help you choose the correct statistical technique to answer your research questions and access relevent resources to undertake the chosen analysis

Getting started

First think about the research questions you want answered and the data you have to address these questions. In order to use the tool effectively and understand why the test has been selected, you may find it helpful to read our statistical terminology resource and make notes on our instructions and notes resource.

Whattest intro

The online tool asks a series of questions and you will be given options to select from. In each section, choose the option that most applies to your research question and click 'Next' to move to the next question. You can use the back button to go back at any time if you think you are on the wrong path.

Need help?? Wave over or click on the i button to see more information relating to the option or download our statistical terminology resource for an overview of the terminoloy used.

Accessing appropriate resources

Whattest intro

When you get to the end of a path, the suggested technique will be given along with a brief description to help you decide if this is the most appropriate technique. If you are happy with the suggested technique, use the link at the end of the page to access the relevent resource page. Resources are available in a number of statistical packages e.g. SPSS, R, Jamovi and SAS.

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This online tool was produced as a collaboration between Sheffield Hallam and Loughborough Universities.

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