Mathematics and Statistics Support

Location of sessions

Whilst maths and Stats support will mainly be delivered online in 2021, face to face drop in sessions for statistics support will be running from February 2022. Check the Drop-in Sessions page for stats sessions updates and twitter for current maths sessions.

Maths support (online)

Online maths drop in sessions are in the maths support virtual room

Statistics support (online)

Bookable online statistics appointments are available for most of the year. You will receive a link to the virtual stats support room for the specific tutor when you book.

Online drop in: Join the weekly drop in 4-5:30pm Wednesdays in the skills centre general drop in virtual room . These sessions run throughout the year.

Statistics support (on campus in term time)

City Campus: Adsetts 6624 (see image). Go right at the top of the stairs and left round the corner to the computer room 6624.
Collegiate library: Computer room C106 at the top of the stairs.

6624 image

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