Mathematics and Statistics Support
These resources are designed to help you choose the right analysis for your research. In addition to our existing paper resources, we have a new interactive choosing the test process. We are still developing and improving the resource to add in more guidance and links taking you directly to the relevent resource and welcome feedback. If you are not familiar with statistical terminology, please read the 'Statistical terminology' resource first.

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Choosing the right test (interactive)

Our new interactive test chooser asks you a series of questions and tells you which test you should use and where available, links to the resource to carry out the test.

Choosing the right test

Use this flow chart or table to identify which test to use on your data. This sheet contains most of the standard tests associated with undergraduate research.

Statistical terminology for choosing the test

This resource summarises the terminology used in the 'choosing the right test' resources.

Choosing the right test (Advanced techniques)

This resource summarises a larger range of statistical techniques including more advanced techniques including multivariate analysis and further regression techniques

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