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Jamovi resources

We are currently working on increasing the number of Jamovi resources. The current list of paper based helpsheets and videos is displayed below.

Overview of Jamovi


Opening files and labelling in Jamovi


Creating and recoding variables in Jamovi


Independent t-test

The independent t-test is used to compare the means of two groups of different subjects. The videos include how to summarise data and the basics of hypothesis testing which is a useful introduction for those new to statistics. How to check assumptions and how to carry out a Mann-Whitney test if the data are very skewed are also included.
Video Part 1 Video Part 2

Paired t-test

A paired t-test is used when testing two measurements of the same thing e.g. weight before/after a diet or when each subjects has measurements taken when under different conditions.
Paired t-test Helpsheet


Linear regression allows you to test several independent (explanatory) variables at the same time. Simple linear regression looks at the relationship between one continuous dependent (outcome) variable and one continuous independent variables and multiple regression extends to multiple binary or continuous independents. Watch the simple linear regression video first as it contains more detail.
Simple linear regression video
Multiple regression video
Simple linear regression Helpsheet

Cronbachs alpha

Whe using a scale to measure an underlying latent variable e.g. confidence or depression, use Cronbachs alpha to check the items (individual questions) are consistent.

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